Monday, October 5, 2009

Out of My Senses

I had a chance to get out today and take some autumn inspired pictures. I was trying to find some colour among the browns and grays that sometimes take over this season. If you get a chance stop by my photo album, the new pictures are at the end.

So I’m always looking for new ways to get my brain to be quiet. That’s the main purpose of my meditation, to quiet the mind long enough to feel the peace that emanates out of everything when your brain stops playing the part of sports commentator. But because I haven’t figured out how to meditate and live my life (work, drive, teach, climb) at the same time there are long stretches of the day where my brain gets to chit-chat. For these times when I’m not meditating I’m always looking for new ways to get my brain to be quiet. Sometimes I’m thinking about how my feet feel pressing on the ground, or I try to focus on what the energy in my body feels like, or I’ll try to stop narrowing my view onto things and focus on the space between them. And for a while these methods work but my brain is always evolving and adapting and coming up with new ways to drag me into the drama of everyday life. It’s a good storyteller, it can be very captivating.
So my latest trick to disable the brain-bomb is focusing on the thought that all of our senses are brain impulses interpreted for our understanding, but the brain’s impulses are not actually the object causing the sensation and there’s a lot of room for interpretation. That’s why you can be fooled by optical illusions and why you get a brain-freeze when you eat ice-cream. It’s all how your brain chooses to interpret it. In yoga we call our senses the Indriyas and we do all kinds of things to work on increasing our awareness of them, or focusing our awareness of them. The neat thing is the quieter your brain is the easier it is to interpret your senses, but they’re still just impulses, not the actual thing. Yeah, I know on a thinking level that doesn’t make sense, but that’s the tricky thing about trying to quiet the brain, sometimes you have to find things too big for it to hold so that it just shuts up in amazement.

My partner yoga is coming up in two weekends. It’s free at Lululemon. And you can bring a friend or family member; it doesn’t have to be a spouse.
Have an awesome Monday.