Friday, October 2, 2009

If you were in a hostage situation and my mind was put in charge of talking it out don't worry, you'd be fine...

My first advice for the day is Vitamin D. Ottawa has been receiving cloud spit for the past week solid so if you haven’t had any sunshine lately take a supplement, at least a 1000 IU of vitamin D, because it’s better than nothing. I can always tell when it starts to get darker and people are staying inside more because my clients in the community start to break down. I get more panicked phone calls, more people saying they need help. What help do they need? They don’t know- they just know they need something. And I feel it too. It’s dark when I get up; it’s cold when I go out. Here come the winter blues.
When things get more challenging in life (during times of stress or illness) we’re always told to take better care of ourselves. What I find so interesting is it’s these times that our brain seems to rebel the most. Or at least my mind seems to.
I’ve taken to call my mind the great negotiator. When I was little I was always bargaining at the dinner table. An extra piece of carrot if it got me out of eating my broccoli. Two more mouthfuls of rice if I didn’t have to finish the other parts of my casserole and so on and so on. I always looked forward to the day I was old enough that I didn’t have to negotiate every little thing with my parents.
Well I guess the joke is on me because now I negotiate with myself. I’ve taken to blending my greens in a food processor (yes I still hate eating my vegetables), the recipe is delicious so I’ll include it (there’s sarcasm here I can’t express in writing):

Green Goop
2 cups Swiss Chard, Kale, Collard Greens or any leafy greens as long as they’re not iceberg lettuce, that stuff is useless.
½ cup Green Tea (Without the bag, in case it wasn’t obvious).
½-1cup Seaweed- the dried kind, anything but kelp which acts as a natural thickener.
1 cup fresh cut Wheatgrass- optional.
½ cup unsweetened flaked Coconut.
Enough orange juice to drown that stuff down. Puree, pour a glass, add 8 drops of oil of Oregano because everyone keeps saying it’s good for you. Plug your nose and drink it over the sink because sometimes your gag reflex is stronger than your willpower.

And when people ask me why I drink the stuff the easy reason is my mind truly is an awesome negotiator. If I make myself a salad I’ll just stare at it, take a bite and be finished. If I cook up a veggie casserole it goes bad in the fridge. The whole idea of drinking my vegetables is it gives me less time to talk myself out of it. And the funny part is that by the last gulp my brain still goes “But you just drank the whole glass, do you really need the last bit?”
It’s relentless. That’s why I rock-climb; it’s the only way to trick my mind into letting me workout.
Obviously I could over power my mind and force it to do things it doesn’t want to but I know it’s going to raise a stink and pout through the whole experience.
So today I give my kudos to all people that have their minds doing as they are told.
Hope for some sunshine and have an awesome weekend!