Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"What's that for?" "Don't know, just put it on top of the pile labeled 'useless'."

*Neurons and Glia just chillin'*

Well, I am industriously (replace with the word "slowly") working on my posting on the Sacral Chakra but due to a present case of coming under the weather I'm having trouble flowing big words together so I thought I'd post something in the interim on how some scientific minds seem to have the urge to keep things simple all the time. How hypocritical of me *Wink*.

So I'm lying in bed trying to promote the healing process and finally finding time to look at my much neglected Discover magazines and I'm finding some interesting stuff. I read through this article called The Brain: The Dark Matter of the Human Brain which talked about how for decades scientists have been focusing on the neurons of the brains because when they stuck electrodes in them they could easily observe the electrical synapses. And I think because of the big focus on Neurons a lot of us picture our brains as being full of these synaptic cells, turns out not so much. Ever heard of the glia? Ya, me either, turns out there's about ten times as many of them in our brains as there are neurons but since they don't react to electricity scientists decided they were just the glue holding the brain together. That's a lot of glue. And of course now they're beginning the find out these cells are way more important, which is funny because for years they were considered the junk they had to slice through to get to the good stuff.

Reading that reminded me of so many things yoga and human health. When I took my Yin teacher training we talked about fascia and how if exist throughout the body, in and around all the other tissues, and it has so many purposes and functions, but even a few years ago when I was in university for nursing we never mentioned it. In videos of anatomy it was the stuff we scrapped away to get a better view of the muscle.

Maybe not in all sciences but largely in health sciences we're always looking for the simplest answer. When someone has lung cancer the first thing we ask them is if they smoked, deciding there must only be one culprit to this condition. If someone says they have depression we hand them a pill and say "There you go, that'll fix you." I see a lot of health care professionals become frustrated when it's not that simple, people return with the same issue again and again and instead of considering that life is holistic and things are rarely simple we categorize these people as 'difficult'.

And to tell you the truth I find it all so fascinating, the human condition to look for the simplest answer and throw the other 'stuff' away. So are people going to continue the search for the quick fix or is the fact that scientists are finally taking time to study multipurpose systems like glia and fascia a good sign that maybe we're evolving enough the be ready to handle a life a little more complicated. I hope we are...

As my systems get back up to 100% I'll keep working on the Second Chakra stuff, hopefully for the next post. And in the meantime if you get a chance stop to listen to some Aqualung, its good stuff for addled brains, been working for me anyways.