Monday, September 28, 2009

Sacral chakra- Svadhisthana- Emotions are just energy in motion- E-motion

Sexuality, feelings, passion: All words that can make a person uncomfortable in Western society. Carrying a social stigma, the education on these matters is often sparse and incongruent. When we are children questions about sexuality are answered quickly and with little detail, to avoid any discomfort of the adult, and as these children grow up the problem persists as they carry this inherited discomfort on with their own children. Emotions don’t fair much better, while pleasant emotions are encouraged to some degree, even at a young age emotions that cause more of a scene or disruption are often ended quickly for fear of embarrassment. And so the main issues of the second chakra are continually swept under the rug, creating vicious cycles of suppression and outburst with no control. Little can be improved in this area until we are comfortable enough to bring our issues into the light and begin to truly express ourselves.

The Sacral Chakra Summarized:
Moving up from our Root Chakra along the nadis of the energetic body we soon reach the Sacral Chakra located in the pelvic region. Characterized by its orange glow, this chakra is the home of our self expression and it expresses itself in the physical world. Once we’ve created a firm base through our Root Chakra we begin to feel grounded enough to begin moving out from this safe base, and these movements become our self expression. These movements can be anything, the way we walk or talk, pictures we paint or whether we decide to dance or not. What we express has little significance compared to the importance of just being able to express ourselves as these energies come up and move through us. Having a healthy amount of energy flowing through the second chakra allows this energetic expression to happen.

Sacral Chakra Issues:
The issues of the second chakra tend to fall into the extremes. Either a person feels they should not express their emotions and as a result become a mechanical creature, rigid in their own thought control as they suppress any emotion that enters their body, or in the other extreme there is the person with no emotional savvy at all. This person becomes a weeping wound of emotion, leaking their energy at the slightest upset. In either extreme the same problem persists (a problem that is a common human belief), we associate emotions as us. People who suppress their emotions fear the expression of them because they don’t want to be seen as an angry/weepy/exuberant/out of control person. People who express their emotions in abundance also take their emotions to be who they are and sometimes revel in their emotional abundance (although this may be a subconscious enjoyment). One of the most beneficial things a person can do for their second chakra is realize that emotions are like the weather patterns of the body. Some days it rains and some days its beautiful sunshine but whether it shines or pours isn’t a direct representation of what kind of person you are, only what emotion is passing through your body at this time. Some people think that it’s their thoughts causing their emotions and sometimes it is but just as often the emotions occurring create the thoughts as a result. And really which comes first is irrelevant as long as we perceive both thought and emotion as temporary occurrences and don’t get attached to them and try to hold them and make them our own or push them away and deny they exist at all. Sexuality, creativity and passion are all a part of this, energy moving through the body and in order to heal the second chakra we work to perceive these energies correctly and then move them in a healthy way through the body.

Healing our Sacral Chakra- New perspective and allowing movement:
Since a lot of issues in this chakra relate more to our perception than the actual emotions or urges the first thing we work to do is change our perception. Just as we did with the Root Chakra emotions are best handled if broken down into their physical sensations. For sadness we may notice the tightness in the throat, turning of the gut, or burning of the eyes. Looking at emotions through their physical sensations is more manageable then becoming overwhelmed in what the thought of that emotion means. It is the brain that is naturally conditioned to take a list of physical sensations and provide them with a label. And once the brain has labelled you as sad it starts drawing up memories and personal stories to support this label. When working with the second chakra it sometimes helps to take a step back and see the emotion as it’s physical symptoms and just watch them. As we first begin to do this it is not unusual to find it initially challenging, especially for really strong emotions, the mind will keep pulling us back into the story of how the emotions are us. But as we practice stepping back and looking at the energies passing through our body it gives us a little more space and perspective to figure out how to let these energies keep moving. When we exist in the emotions or deny them all together the emotion decides how it will express itself, whether it is through shouting or weeping or whichever. As we learn to sit with the emotion (Which is different than thinking about them, your mind’s talking very rarely helps the process) sometimes the energies just move right through and out of the body on their own. For some emotions all they needed was some conscious attention without judgement. For emotions that are strong some sort of physical release is often needed, but because we begin to practice creating space around our emotions we now have more room to come up with healthy releases. Instead of shouting we may channel our anger into writing something or maybe a sport or training exercise. There is a strong belief that we need to understand our emotions in order to handle them. Sometimes this is true, but a lot of the time an emotion is just an emotion, just as a rain cloud is just a rain cloud. Understanding the weather does not necessarily make us experts at predicting or preventing it. And because energy can be released through physical motion sometimes some simple sun salutations can have the same effect as an hour long psych session. Sometimes. But the only person who can figure out what works is the person experiencing the emotion, which is why we start the process simply by becoming aware of the emotions in the body and letting the space we create lead us from there.
OMG, that was a struggle (The sign of blocked energies? Maybe). Emotions are such a touchy subject it’s hard to say what I mean with out feeling like I’m stepping on toes. There was probably a million little more things I could of said but that was the best summary I could come up with.
In the mean time I’m working on arranging a Chakra/Emotions/Illness workshop sometime before Christmas and will update you when I have a little more set up.