Monday, September 7, 2009

Life in my little boat...

I’m back! Two weeks away and it feels like I left yesterday. Proof that time is a relative thing.
To start myself off I jumped right into a revamp of the blog site. Not only is it newer and blue-er but I added some features down the left side. If you take some time to scroll down you will notice a question/answer section because I really want to help people get their yoga questions answered, but always if you have a bunch of things you want to say or ask feel free to email me at Also I have a “What I’m reading” section to get people into some of the stuff I’ve been finding interesting on my yoga path, and lastly I added a photos section, right now it’s mostly pictures from my trip but I hope to add some more as I go along of just random things to make people smile and think…

So of course my first day back has been crazy, I started the morning with a little Mommy/Baby yoga, which was pretty neat, I think it’s amazing to have mommies and babies right next to each other doing yoga because on the one hand you get the one group of people known for putting everyone else’s concerns in front of their own and commonly not taking care of their own needs and then you have these little babies who no nothing better than to ask for their needs to be met and express their emotions and needs freely. Such a neat contrast and hopefully the yoga will help us all move towards a happy medium of considering our own needs as well as others equally (at least for the mommies).
Then it was off to work work, which included multiple phone/email/computer program messages that needed follow-up. And every ten minutes I’m reminding myself to breathe.

I find it all reminding me of when I was in grade school and we’d have the summer off. I never much liked grade school mostly because I got picked on a lot and felt self-conscious and high strung most of the time. So summer was always neat because it was all this time where I didn’t have to care what other people thought of me or if I’m pleasing other people and by the time school started again I always felt pretty Zen and confident and calm. And then I’d go back to school and like a ship sailing out of port into the waves again I’d return to practicing navigating the waters of life. Vacation is like that a bit for me too, not because I get picked on at work, but because you leave the safe place of being who you need to be, when you need to be it, and enter the realm of “What does everyone else need”. So a lot like the contrast between Mommies and Babies I’m entering these waters again and trying to remember that there’s a “Me” too and I’m always going to get rocked by other people’s waves but the storm isn’t a permanent thing. So I need to just breathe and keep the Zen as long as I can.

I’ve been reading Eastern Body/Western Mind by Andeo Judith and getting into some really interesting chakra healing techniques. I’m hoping to post about the Root Chakra later this week.
Tune in and have a smooth sailing kind of week.