Thursday, September 17, 2009

Facebook- The Death of the Awkward Silence

I finally signed back up for Facebook. When I got back on my account was in the same condition it was when I left it over and year and a half ago. Kind of an interesting snapshot of me in a past time, although not necessarily a 100% flattering one. And even though I’ve decided to go through with getting back on the site for many different reasons I still feel myself conflicted with whether it’s a good idea to support such a site.
I’ve been noticing a lot lately that people are becoming more and more telephonaphobic. On multiple occasions in the past few months I’ve left a voice message on people’s phones only to get an email back. And when I think about it I don’t see people talking on their cell phones half as much as they used to. Now everyone is texting or on the net through their phones. So I guess that’s good news if we’re trying to decrease the number of people with brain cancer but watching the evolution away from really talking to people is a little nerve racking.
I mean, I completely understand it on one level. It’s hard talking to people on the phone, especially if we don’t know them that well. We find ourselves with our minds racing through awkward silences as we try to find a topic to carry on the conversation. We often feel like we could have said things better after the conversation is done. For many of us phone calls are stressful. But I doubt phoning people less often will help the problem. And if we find phone conversations awkward I think the same is true for meeting in person.
I find it interesting that we are willing to be honest over the net and say what we feel there but the minute we’re speaking in person we become afraid to say what we are truly thinking and afraid to be seen as we really are. Afraid of what? Rejection? Anger from the other person? And I know I’m under the influence of this fear too.
So now we’re communicating through ‘status updates’ which creates as little room for conflict as possible and I wonder how much further this can go.
Trying to think of ways to open the lines of communication again… It gets harder the more I realize most people would prefer if I didn’t.

So there I go ranting about the disconnect again. What is new eh? Just have to keep looking for the answer…
Hopefully have my stuff up on the second chakra next week. Still loving Anodea Judith’s book and starting to listen to Eckhart Tolle’s CDs on presence in the car.
Always trying to keep moving forward even if life’s gravity wishes otherwise. Ah, the opposing forces that make us stronger…