Monday, September 14, 2009

Did you know "Junkiness" is not a real word? Oh well, it is now...

It’s strange to think that we’ve known for at least the past century that if we put junky food into our bodies too much and too often that we’ll feel pretty junky ourselves and stranger still to think that we still haven’t figured out that the same is true for the things we let enter our bodies emotionally and mentally.
I’ve been having trouble falling asleep again, which stopped being a problem a few years ago but in unfortunately starting up again. The tricky part about insomnia is that the anxiety of not knowing whether or not you’ll fall asleep is often the same anxiety that keeps you up at night. Practicing the art of self sabotage last night I found myself staying up late watching TV just to avoid finding out if I would or would not actually have trouble falling asleep once the lights were off. And this is where I had the opportunity to remind myself that putting crappy stuff in my body isn’t just an issue with eating. So last night I stayed up watching Criminal Minds (A great show for people who are always worried there’s a psycho around every corner, no I’m joking, you paranoid people should stick to watching something less neuroticism creating like Treehouse, oh wait, maybe not Treehouse...) It was a two hour special about a young guy with a split personality disorder who kidnaps and tortures one of the main characters in the show, in the name of God. Considering the young guy was played by the blond kid from Dawson’s Creek I wasn’t expecting the acting to be so convincing or to feel quite so stirred up by the end of it, but I was up the next two hours tossing and turning following the episode. The funny thing is that most of us are so used to this high adrenaline inducing stuff that we don’t even notice all the junk it’s accumulating in our bodies and minds. I think of all the paranoia in the world today, all the talk of terrorism and perversion, and I wonder if the world is really that much worse than it used to be. Has the world really become populated by dangerous, crazy people who wait to pounce around every corner or are we just focusing on the stories that make our hearts race more and more. Obviously I have no way of knowing but it’s hard for me not to feel that much like we can become addicted to the same foods that make us feel gross and sluggish maybe the same thing has occurred with our choices for mental and emotional stimulus. Sure the rush is awesome when it’s happening but is it worth all the “junkiness” we feel after?