Thursday, August 20, 2009

Zombie Meditation

I had a chance to see the new area I will be teaching yoga in September with Algonquin College. In case you haven't heard me talk about it before the college is creating a boxing/kickboxing centre in connection with the gym they already have and they've redone a nice big sunny room for it with one wall of mirrors and nice wood floors. It's awesome! And now I'm excited to get to teaching. The only down side is that they don't do drop in classes exactly. You have to join the gym and the boxing centre, and then you can come to any of the classes offered, and it's a pretty good deal. It's like 240$ for the year at the gym and I think I heard 50$ for the boxing zone for 4 months, which is cheaper than my rock climbing gym (Except sadly lacking in rock climbing). So if anyone is looking to join a gym in that area let me know. Otherwise this is going to put a bit of a damper on my reaching more of the public since drop-ins aren't an option, so I'm trying to consider other possibilities in the near future. /maybe renting some space of my own, not sure yet, I'll keep thinking about it.
On another note I'm trying to figure out whether I want to reactivate my Facebook account again. I was never fond of my account, but can't deny the networking ability it provides. I had three people ask me if I had an account in three days and realized I might want to consider getting back on it to promote my yoga events... Hmmmm... Something to think about while I'm on my vacation for the next couple weeks. I'm sure I'll figure it out.
And last but not least I came across this awesome article last night on MSN: Zombies. It an article about how they're setting up models and researching whether, if there was a zombie outbreak, they could we stop it. They're researching this at Ottawa University which makes me realize I took the wrong program while I was there. They're actually using it as pandemic research but just adding the zombie twist for fun. The bad news is if they didn't stop the outbreak in 10 days we'd be out of luck. Now obviously the whole zombie thing would suck and I know a lot of people actually do worry about pandemics and plagues and all those fun mass hysteria words the media like to bandy around but I have to tell you I always put a different spin on it. Anyone who's got me on the topic knows I love zombies. I think they're funny and the whole idea is so interesting but pandemics themselves are not really funny. Especially not when you look at how much stress they cause. But instead of using these topics to create stress why don't people use them to realize how awesomely lucky we are. Buddhists say "Die to every moment" which sounds morbid but essentially means just live in this moment. So instead of focusing on the bad stuff that could happen I'm offering you up a little zombie meditation...

Zombie Meditation
No matter what happens to you today every time you start to think a negative thought replace it with the thought "This could be worse. This could be happening with zombies."
Example: You're driving through traffic and the guy in front of you breaks so hard you almost rear-end him. Instead of getting angry think "This could be worse. He could have braked so hard because a zombie stumbled out in front of his car and then while he was trying to figure out what was happening the zombie broke his window and started to eat his brains."
Or when they're taking way to long to ring your groceries through at the store and your getting impatient just think "Could be worse. They could be taking so long because zombies are trying to get in the automatic doors (Luckily they're so slow the door keeps shutting before they walk through and they have to step back to activate the automatic opener again) and the grocery teller is so freaked out she can't remember the code for summer squash."
You can do the same thing at work or with your kids or in-laws or what ever. Just take your problem, insert zombies and sit back and realize hey this moment you're actually in- Not so bad!
Happy zombie fantasies, have a good weekend!