Thursday, August 6, 2009

Catching the Spray!

We’re getting to the end of my Yoga in the Park and it’s been going so awesomely (Is that a word?), I’m having a really fun time teaching people I haven’t had the chance to teach before and watching people step outside there comfort zones. I was reading a little Desikachar, Heart of Yoga, yesterday and the book was saying how it’s important to step outside our comfort zone to give ourselves a larger perspective of life situations. The writer provided an example of the importance of this by saying that you can think you love to be in solitude but if you’ve never lived anywhere but quiet, calm places how can you learn if that’s true for you? From what I read the idea seems to be that we should try a little bit of everything and then follow what feels true for you. And that’s what I’m trying to do with my yoga, give people a chance to try something a little different, maybe give them a new perspective and if it doesn’t end up being for them, that’s ok, it’s the intention that counts.

And it’s been a great lesson on perspective for me as well. I’m finding out I love the charity aspect of the yoga. At first I thought doing this for free would get on my nerves, you know, devoting my time but not getting anything back monetarily. I’m finding the opposite to be true. I love the freedom I feel this gives me. When I teach paid classes I sometimes feel like I have to teach a specific type of class and I try too hard to predict what people want from me. These Yoga in the Park sessions have given me an awesome opportunity to move into areas of my teaching I may not have been comfortable to move into otherwise. After the sessions are done and I’ve settled into teaching at Algonquin College I’ll have to look into finding other similar opportunities for myself. Next week will be my last two outdoor sessions, if you get a chance make the effort to come out, even if it’s just for the fresh air.

And speaking of comfort zones I’m heading out for the next few days for some whitewater canoeing in Algonquin, which should be a new type of stretch for me. We’re going with a couple we’ve never vacationed with before and while I’ve spent some time on whitewater I’ve never thought to take a canoe into it. Interesting idea. Should be fun! I’m not sure who should have my climbing gear if I don’t make it back, so people may want to put dibs in now so I can get that settled before I go. *Wink*

Coming up in the next few weeks is my Lululemon yoga session which will be all Yin style. It’ll be my first chance to teach the full class in Yin. If anyone has had some knots they can’t get out or things that won’t heal I suggest coming out, it might make a difference.
Hope everyone has a really good weekend. I’ll be thinking of you while I catch the spray.