Monday, August 17, 2009

A Battle of Stillness

*Eddie acting shy*

*Destroying a peach, the most vicious veggie eater I know*

*And she's a rock-climber, guess it runs in the family*

Ok, I don't want to turn this blog into a pet posting site but I can't resist putting up a few new pictures of Eddie, our new tortoise. Just be happy I'm not putting up pictures of our other pets, the worms in our compost.
Adam and I spent Sunday down in the market looking for things to take pictures of with his new camera and didn't find a thing (I need to work on my photographer's eye, my picture taking methods resemble those of a four year old with a disposable camera), so it figures when we returned home that that's where we would find all our photo fodder.
This is my week off yoga, or teaching it at least. I planned my charity yoga in the park so I would have a week off before we head out on our two week vacation. I also happen to be off climbing for a week over my finger injury so I ended up with more free time than expected.
Right now I feel a little stuck in limbo. I don't have anything I have to be doing and it feels a little weird. Like what do I do now? I find myself looking around for something to commit myself to, a new volunteer project or group but I manage to rein myself in as I remember things will get busy again in September once I start teaching yoga at Algonquin College. Which leaves me in limbo until we leave for vacation next week. I know I don't usually find time to sit still at random and I usually have to book my yoga practice in on my calender just to make room for it, so this will be good practice for me. It's funny because I remind myself of my students at Lululemon this weekend during my Yin session. If you've never done Yin before lets just say the poses are held for a really long time (Well, not that long, but it feels long if you're in them), and you can tell the difference between people who have trouble quieting the mind and people who are more comfortable in stillness in these poses. The people who haven't mastered stillness look up from their pose often, look around, check their watches in what they think is a secretive way, tap their feet... It's pleasant to watch as a teacher because it always reminds me to practice being still. I can tell you I'm going to be working through the urge to tap my foot all this week, so I'm practicing sitting still right there with you. Just breathe...