Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I can feel myself getting a little crazy these days. I find myself getting caught up in the stories people give me and the stories I tell myself. Clients call me on the phone and I get all freaked out. I’m trying to solve all their problems and save them from their own crazies. *Laughs* here last time I blogged I talked about how people like to collect things and I’ve discovered that I’m collecting crazies. Not crazy people, just crazy stories and situations, crazy energy. I’ve been trying so hard to get this charity yoga thing right I’m driving myself a little crazy. It’s pretty easy to get the brain spinning. It’s like a pinwheel where the slightest breeze of change sets things in motion. So today I’ve decided instead of being the pinwheel (Instead of being the crazy) I’m going to watch the crazy. Because I’m pretty sure I can’t make it all stop but if I step back and watch instead of letting myself get sucked into the spinning it’s a little more enjoyable.

Tomorrow’s my first charity yoga class and I think there’s still a good chance I’ll be able to get a Wednesday charity class started at The Science and Tech Museum. I’m excited to teach yoga in such a free format and for something other than my own benefit.
The weather looks good so far. Cross your fingers.