Monday, May 25, 2009

This one's for the ladies....

Although there’s been a definite increase in the numbers of men going to yoga lately it feels like we’re still on the precipice of yoga falling either into the “gay” category (male society’s term, not mine) or the “everyone can do it” category.
I remember when I first met my husband I used to take him to yoga classes with me and even though he’s far more flexible then I am he’d still have to pretend he was forced there when I brought it up with his family (and oh the ribbing that would ensue!). Poor guy.
The funny thing is once a guy gets into yoga it often takes off with them and they become their own initiator because it’s hard to deny the awesome balance of strength/flexibility/endurance many types of yoga offer. But for girls that are still trying to negotiate their men onto the mat this one is for you…

Things to tell your boyfriend/husband/man/whatever to get him to come to yoga:

1- Point out to your man that if he truly cared about you he’d come with you to support you (Warning- this will not work if the man you are trying to convince to come is your husband, by the time you’ve married them this negotiation no longer works, please continue to suggestion #2)
2- Randomly mention how many cute girls there seem to be in your yoga classes.
3- If this doesn’t work also mention the fact that there sure seems to be a lot of cute girls- in spandex- in your yoga class.
4- If you happened to be talking to one of the few guys who doesn’t care about other girls (awww, isn’t that sweet) tell him he can come with you to Lululemon and pick out a new outfit to wear to class when you two go together. (No you don’t have to like what he picks, this is called compromise).
5- Still not working? Try pointing out that some girls think its fun to wear white in the hot room.
6- Ok, so maybe your man is not so easily manipulated. You could try telling him that Power Yoga is also sometimes called Terminator yoga or Chuck Norris yoga (Use your discretion to pick which nickname to give it based on your man’s preference).
7- Tell your man that your grandma did yoga last week and she found it easy. He’s not wimpier than your grandma is he?
8- Make a promise to never make your man watch Gilmore Girls/Grey’s Anatomy/Oprah/whatever again if he comes with you (this should only be used when everything listed above has failed).
9- When all else fails- Cry. You know it works.

Of course I would never suggest manipulation of this degree for anything else but the usual mantra in yoga is that it doesn’t matter why you started to do yoga, the important part is you started.

In agreement of this I am working to get permission from The Science and Technology Museum and the Canada Agriculture Museum to us some of their green space to hold weekly yoga outdoors for free or donations. I already have discussed with Big Brother/Big Sisters of Ottawa about giving all donations raised from this to their charity and they think it’s a great idea. Hopefully I’ll hear from the museums this week as to whether it’s a go ahead. And there will be one more way to get your man to yoga, it’s cheap, it’s for charity and you don’t even have to go inside on a beautiful day.
I’ll let you know when I find out.
Send your energy this way and we’ll hope for the best.