Monday, May 11, 2009

Life's a breeze...

Happy belated Mother’s Day to all the Moms and Mom-ish people out there.

We got out to Lansdowne to visit my Mom this weekend which was really nice because we don’t usually go down for the occasion and we spent the day wandering around Princess Street in Kingston, which is a pretty relaxing way to spend the day.
Every gift giving holiday makes me a little panicky because I never know what I’ll do if I can’t come up with a gift and then I start thinking even if I figured out a gift for this year what if I can’t think of one for next year, and so on and so on and the stress just builds. Until I stop and remember to breath and stop focusing on the future.
This year I knew what I was getting Mom for a while. See my sister and I have this ongoing teasing thing with Mom (that I’ll admit seems mean in retrospect) where we point out things that bug us about ourselves that we got from her genetically. Like my big heels or the fact that all three of us cry at the drop of a hat when we’re watching movies. Like I said in retrospect I realize even if we’re just teasing Mom in jest it’s still pretty mean to point out someone’s flaws or blame other people for things that they have no control over. So for Mother’s day I wrote Mom a poem about all the good things I got from her, which is a much longer list then the bad things but it’s funny how those don’t come up in conversation as much. It got me thinking too about how people tend to focus on the negative, most likely because those are the things we want to change. It seems that when good things in our lives our happening we say “Yay! Good job me!” but when the bad occurs we look around to find the culprit. And realistically good and bad things in our lives are all relative, though our brains may categorize them good or bad.
A healer once said to me when I was having a bad day that it was time to focus on the good things in my life. I think when we’re really down in the dumps this can seem hard to do. Negative minds attract negative situations so it’s tricky to get out of that frame of mind and start moving into the positive again. When I’m really down I find focusing on the small stuff that’s good in the moment can sometimes rearrange your brain. Like noticing how the breeze tickles your cheek or recognizing how warm and comfortable the chair your sitting in is, or maybe taking a sip of water or tea and recognizing how refreshing it is. People often think that in order for life to be ‘good’ the things around you have to be big ‘good’. Big ‘good’ things like winning the lottery or buying a new car. Sometimes the happiest things are the simplest and if your looking for the ‘big’ happy it could take a while, or forever for something to come along that meets your standards.

We didn’t get outdoor climbing this weekend because it was too chilly for our hands to hold the granite but I caught up on some sleep and got some new raw food things made up, who knew not cooking could take so much time. It’s a nice day today, get out and enjoy the breeze and just be happy.