Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Full Moon

My life is chock full of yoga right now, it’s a bit of an overload for me, but at least in a good way. As anyone who’s ever eaten ice-cream for breakfast knows it’s hard to resist too much of a good thing.
I’m going to see my friend Alex tonight so we can go over what we’re teaching for partner yoga tomorrow. The poses Alex has picked are pretty nice, a good combination of trust and connection. For anyone who’s never done partner yoga it’s not necessarily for couples, it can be for family members or friends. It’s a chance to build a trust with someone. This may seem pretty mundane but if you’ve ever watched people go rope climbing together where the person on the ground has the option on how tight they keep your rope and how quickly you come back to the ground you can see that a lack of trust between two people can get pretty heart stopping. From my experience just taking a chance and openly trusting someone you love is a great way to increase their chances of not letting you down. At the climbing gym the girl that keeps shouting down to her boyfriend “Don’t drop ok?!” every five minutes tends to be the one who gets dropped. Talk about self-fulfilling prophecy.

I’m also filling out paperwork to work towards getting two park areas rented for an hour on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. I want to give people to chance to just drop in and do yoga with out having the high costs or atmosphere of a studio. I’m planning to suggest a 2$ donation that I’m going to give to charity. But more on that once I get it set up.

Because one of the focuses of yoga is to bring awareness into the body I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately and trying to figure out how aware I actually am of what’s up inside me. I had an interesting experience that made me realize just how few of us are really up on our bodies. When I was walking along Preston Street the other day this kid was out fixing a sign on a restaurant and his butt was almost fully exposed. And I don’t mean his boxers, but his full bare bum. It just struck me as strange. I began to wonder if I was losing touch with present fashion and this was the new style or was this kid so unaware of his body that he couldn’t feel his bottom hanging out in the breeze. But I guess lots of us lose touch with our body. We sit in uncomfortable positions all day and don’t take the time to work out the kinks, no wonder so many of us have long standing aches and pains.

After an involved weekend I’m done my Yin teacher training with Mark Laham and starting to work the things I’ve learned into my own practice and into what I teach. It was a good training with a well rounded focus. I suggest to anyone who gets a chance to go to one of Mark’s workshops that it’s a good experience and they should take it.

Things are finally starting to heat up outside. Take some time to get outside. Enjoy the Sunshine!