Friday, May 15, 2009

A Black Hole- Surprisingly colourful actually...

I'm taking it easy this morning as I get ready to head into work, just buying some new music off iTunes (Muse- Black holes and revelations, there new CD), one of my favorite activities and we're heading into the Victoria Day long weekend so things are looking good. All the changes in my life are starting to sink in and I'm feeling a bit more relaxed in my own skin.

I've been thinking a lot about Gurus lately, which is kind of a funny word which probably makes most people think of Mike Myers at this time period but what a guru essentially is is someone you look up to or look to for guidance, like a role model. And right there when the idea was introduced to me it tripped me up. They say in yoga it's important to have a guru because it keeps you on the true path and I've read in a Buddhist book that with out proper guidance some people end up having a strange experience when they are meditating or something and they think it's the higher powers working through them and that they must be the chosen one and everyone should follow them, and so on (purple Kool-aid anyone).

So then I'm thinking I have to get a Guru which goes against my grain because even when I was a kid I never had any specific role models, because I never knew one person that didn't make mistakes and have bad days. Essentially everyone I knew was human, and last time I checked I was one too so why was I striving to be more like Michael Jordan right?

Anyways, the idea kind of stuck a thorn in me for a while but as time went on and no one Guru stepped forward for me I began to see that there are many people and things that act as my Guru exactly when I need them. I had dinner with a friend from my first teacher training last night and it reminded me of this because when we were going through our teacher training I used to say he was my Guru because he would say all the things I needed to hear just when I needed to hear them. In a sense he still in my Guru, along with all the other people that take the time to say the things I need to hear. The other night Adam and I were walking along the water and these otters came to the surface and began to talk to us and shake their heads at us, and in that moment they were my Guru. I think otters are a great animal totem for living in the moment and being open to other people and finding the fun to be had in the everyday mundane. And I know there are lots of lessons coming into me every day from all directions if I'm only receptive to recieve them.
So I thought I'd take the time today to thank all the people and things in my life that provide me with the lessons I need right when I need them.

To my Gurus:

Lokah samasta sukhino bhavantu. Namaste!

I hope everyone has a wonderful May long weekend. I'm hopefully teaching partner yoga next Friday at Mountain Goat Yoga in Kanata- Friday, May 22nd, 7:15pm-8:30pm. If enough people sign up it should be a lot of fun and a good way to practice connecting with people.

Otherwise I'm off to Yin teacher training again this weekend, looking forward to (Hopefully) a nice quiet day on the rocks this Monday.

Hope everyone gets there vitamin D but stays out of trouble, mostly:)