Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Life Changes

Wow! It's a crazy day and I'm still finding time to blog, this is awesome.
I'm at my last day of my casual position out in Carleton Place and I had my last day at the hospital on Sunday. I get to teach yoga tonight for a trial run at the Preston Yoga Centre and I start my new day job in Ottawa on Thursday. So everything is a bit crazy and every now and then I get the butterfly waves in my stomach.
Appropriately enough I'm reading this book called Life Changes by Ambika Wauters about Chakras and such and very interestingly it's whole first chapter talks about conserving energy during times when things are changing. I don't think I ever considered how much energy we just let slip out of us while we try to cope with change. Between all the things we worry about and all the activities we have to undertake to insure the change goes well it can be really draining. And yet at the same time the activities we could be doing to replenish our energy are exactly the opposite of what we end up doing. Usually during times of great upheaval we sleep less, eat worse, forget to exercise and don't spend anytime with the people we love and care about. And these are all activities that would make the changes we go through easier to handle. So I'll try to keep these activities in mind while I travel through all these changes and I'll do my best to do the things that will make all these changes go as smoothly as possible.
Happy rainy Tuesday!