Thursday, April 30, 2009

It has those Deep Scrubbing Bubbles...

Wow! Busy week. The new job is a bit busier then my last one. It’s a nice change. I’m starting Yin yoga teacher training this weekend and starting my own new class officially next week. I’m excited about the Yin teacher training because it’s more of a slow and deep yoga that really takes you to a place that meets the built up stress and tightness in our bodies and lives. In Yin yoga you hold postures for long periods of time using as much gravity to stretch you out as possible. Instead of stretching muscle this type of yoga focuses on fascia (that connective tissues that surrounds all kinds of things in our bodies) as well as ligaments, tendons and scar tissues. On an emotional and mental level this practice helps you get to the deeper issues that have been stuffed down into your body and mind. It’s interesting that some of the poses remain the same as you would use in Hatha yoga but by holding them for extended periods you get to open up all this tightness and stress you’ve pushed down into your body. And a lot of the time the things that come up for you, the sadness or anger or frustration weren’t even emotions you were aware you had locked down inside.
So Hatha yoga is sort of like a quick clean you do to get all the surface pains and issues cleared out and when you take time to do some Yin yoga you really get to scrub out the corners and clean out the closets.
In this way Yin yoga becomes a practice of Shaucha (Purity) and we work to keep ourselves cleaned out and as light as possible.
Cleaning isn’t always fun but feeling clean is pretty nice.