Thursday, April 9, 2009

Everytime it rains it rains pennies from heaven...

So I was thinking about change today. I'm out in Carleton Place working for a few and yesterday I stopped by the Starbucks for a tea and ended up having no cash on me so I interacted it. A two dollar debit and I thought that was rather silly of me to do, the service charges will be higher than the amount I charged. So today I stopped by the bank and got out money before I went for my tea. So I handed the coffee lady and $20 and of course I got back a handful of coins. So then I'm thinking well this is too much change! Now I'll have to think of ways to get rid of it... I paused a moment... Then I laughed at myself.

I was thinking money change is a lot like life changes when you compare the two. Either you have no change and you feel stuck. "What do I do? I have no change. I'm stuck." You start thinking you need change otherwise you're stagnant. So you start to look for ways to make change. Then you get change and it feels like it's too much. "Whoa! What am I going to do with all this change?? It's too much. I can't handle it all." And we choose to be unhappy again.

I'm pretty sure the lesson here is that there is no such thing as too much or too little change it's all how you perceive it. I mean everything is changing all the time but we don't even notice most of it. The snow melts, our cells age, our shoes get scuffed... It's all change, but it's only a bad thing if you think of it that way. Weird....

So the change I'm focused on right now is that I'm returning to my job in community care. I took a job in the hospital last summer and kept my community job as a casual position but I recently applied to work in the Ottawa Community Care office full time and got the job. So that's my big change. I'll be switching from working crazy shifts around the clock to a Monday to Friday job during the days. And the funny thing is my first reaction was "This is too much change!" But that was just the initial perspective I took. My second worry was that I was moving backwards going back to the same kind of job. But I've decided that it's not really the same job if I make it my goal to go into this position and do my best at it (A goal I definitely didn't have the first time I worked in the community). I think I owe it to myself to prove that I can live to my full potential in this new position because in the past my half attempt at the job left me feeling uncomfortable with myself.

So needless to say change is coming and I am working to have an open mind that all change brings growth, no matter how nerve-racking the change may be.

My plan once I start my new job in two weeks into become a regular blogger again since I should be a little more awake. And hopefully I can let you know all the things I've learned in the past 9 months while I've been neglecting the Internet.

I also am working to convince myself to find a regular yoga class to teach to inspire me to continue my yoga growth.

As always wish me luck.