Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Throat Chakra- Visudda Chakra

No I haven't forgot my blog. Last Friday was my final day as full-time at the Access Centre and then I started right away at the Queensway Carleton hospital on orientation this week. The most challenging thing about my orientation thus far is staying awake through all the presentations and not going to the bathroom every 2 hours now that I'm drinking over three litres of water a day to keep myself from getting climbing injuries. I'm sure once I get on the floor it will be much harder. It seems as though so much of the nurse's job is just handing out medications and I know many nurses would disagree but with all the fear around losing your license over improperly dispensed meds there's been a ton of focus this week on not messing up. Super nerve-racking. I don't have a computer at my new job so it'll be interesting to see how this affects my yoga and other life things (including this blog frequency). I'm not going to have all the time I want for the people in my life but I know it's hard for me to say no when people ask for it. So it's going to become an interesting lesson on speaking my truth so people understand that I'd love to see them more but I'm just super stupid busy (Yes I know I'm always super stupid busy).

On that note I have conveniently reached the 5th chakra, the throat chakra (Visudda chakra). Two guesses where this chakra is located. Yep! Right in the centre of your throat. And guess what it relates to. You got it, communication. This chakra holds your energy for your self-expression. It links back to The Yama Satya which teaches us it's better to tell the truth whenever possible. On top of telling the truth this chakra asks you to tell your personal truth which can be challenging for a lot of us because we've been raised to suppress our truth, and half the time aren't aware of what it looks like anymore. Think of your friend that became a lawyer because his dad's a lawyer and wanted to please his father, when he really wanted to be an auto-mechanic. Or the person who stays with their partner because they're who society says they should want to be with (ie. gorgeous, rich, etc...). Clearing out all our fake truths from our real truths can be a real challenge because we have never been taught to listen to ourselves. One quick way to get closer to your true self is to quiet the mind when it comes time to make a big decision and trust what your intuition is telling you. Often if you're deciding to go on a path that isn't true for you your body will give you a signal. Maybe you'll get a tight throat or stomach upset. The hard part of following this is having the courage to speak your truth. That's why we work to improve our Solar Plexus as well so we have the energy and courage to back up our truth. Not speaking or communicating our true selves takes the responsibility of our lives out of our hands. For some people this might seem like a relief "Fwww, not my problem anymore. I'll let everyone else make the big decisions." The danger in this is that no one knows where you're supposed to be in your life but you and no one else has your best interest in mind but you. So really you are leaving your life up to chance, and chances are it won't go in the direction you like.

So to work towards speaking your truth we practice with the throat chakra the same as your other chakras. Close your eyes and sit in a meditative posture. Clear your mind by focusing on your breath and when you're ready focus your attention on the area at the centre of your throat. As your attention focuses here you can begin to hear the word Ham (rhymes with Tom) vibrate in your mind at any speed or frequency. Let the sound fill your head as you focus on the area. Then after breathing here for a few minutes begin to fill your head with a vibrant sky blue glow, still focusing your thoughts on your throat. Continue to keep your focus here as you breathe. Again you can do this for any length of time you find suitable but 3 minutes is a good start. After your time is up let your focus return to your breath and your mind to clear. Start to deepen you breath to bring yourself back into your body. Thank yourself for for taking time to care for your Visudda chakra. Namaste!