Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Solar Plexus- Manipura Chakra

Been feeling a bit overwhelmed with my life path lately and when things get like this I always have to fight the urge to just stick my head in the sand and hide. I'm not a big confrontation person, I don't really enjoy debating, I get nervous around people who aren't open to the possibility that they're not always right and at the same time I worry I don't stand my ground enough.
Part of the issue that comes along when I should be standing my ground is that I don't always know how I feel about certain situations and which stance I should take on the subject. I think they call that fence sitting. The issue being if you sit there too long you get sore. Eventually you have to pick a path and make a choice. I find that idea so hard I often want to run away and just skip the whole thing.

Today we're talking about the third chakra, the Solar Plexus (Manipura), which turns out to be pretty relevant to me at the moment because the focus of the chakra is making choices and living by them.
I was zooming around the net reading different ideas on Manipura and noticed the outstanding theme to be self-esteem. For a lot of people it's hard not to follow societies opinions of how we should live our lives. Many of us fall into the "find the right person, settle down, have kids, and steady job..." state of mind, but this isn't the only societal influence. Some of us buy cars because we're told everyone wants one. Or we go to university because it feels like the next step.
The first step to working with our Solar Plexus is asking ourselves what we truly want (Again mediation the help clear the mind is the often suggested method for figuring this out).

The solar Plexus is our power centre and once we have gained a clear view of what we want for ourselves it gives us the power to follow through. And that's what self-esteem really is- Awareness of our true selves and the power to be that person. The first two chakras relate more to control of our outer environment but the third chakra connects the outer world to our inner selves by working to find what we want inside and stand by it in the real world around us. Moving energy healthily through this chakra is important for gaining power over your own existence and moving down your life path in a way that's healthy for you. Fear of change and failure are common human challenges. Just because everyone else chose one path does not mean it will be the right path for you. Finding strength to do what we need to for ourselves is far more likely to create lasting happiness in our lives instead of the short lived happiness that comes from achieving society's goals.

We use the same process for working with the Solar Plexus as we did with the other chakras. Close your eyes and sit in a meditative posture. Clear your mind by focusing on your breath and when you're ready focus your attention on the area of your belly button, only further back closer to the spine. As your attention focuses here you can begin to hear the word Ram (rhymes with Tom) vibrate in your mind at any speed or frequency. Let the sound fill your head as you focus on the area. Then after breathing here for a few minutes begin to fill your head with a yellow glow, still focusing your thoughts on your belly. Continue to keep your focus here as you breathe. Again you can do this for any length of time you find suitable but 3 minutes is a good start. After your time is up let your focus return to your breath and your mind to clear. Start to deepen you breath to bring yourself back into your body. Thank yourself for for taking time to care for your Manipura chakra. Namaste!