Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Canada Day!!

You know I never truly understood Canada Day until I moved to Ottawa. I guess growing up in a small town it's hard to understand the sheer magnitude of our country when your celebration consists of a bunch of people you grew up with and 5 minutes of fireworks.
Ottawa takes it too a whole new level and can really inspire the Canadian in me. Seeing everyone congregate downtown with their red and white. Seeing all the faces light up with the fireworks as every one's mouth forms a unanimous 'O'. Seeing how easily we all can celebrate the same thing in one moment. It's a pretty neat experience and just thinking about the fact that so many different races and cultures can hang out in complete peace and find the same moments awe inspiring is something to think about. Canada is a pretty accepting place. Of course there are still clashes of culture and moments of hate that get into our news stories and minds but really the percentage of hate is so much smaller than the percentage of peace and acceptance and there is no better example of that then on Canada Day.
With the upcoming year looking a little hazy in it's path it's good to have days like these. Days where we can put all our worries on hold and look up at the night sky as the fireworks shower their falling twinklers down towards us. In that space of time we can be at peace, and if peace can be achieved in one moment it can be achieved in any moment.
Happy Canada Day everyone...