Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Hey Everyone!

Just got back from a mad rush trip to Tadoussac, Quebec to watch whales (not my picture above by the way, just an Internet pic). It was crazy but so much fun. I got off an over-night 12hr shift and we left right away to make the 8hr drive (I slept in the truck for a bit).
Tadoussac was very beautiful. It's nestled right in between two sloppy hills. You have to get on a ferry to reach it which gives you time to take in all the beautiful surroundings. Sloppy green hills that fade off into the clouds. The ocean fading into the distance. The fuzzy borders give it all the impression of a dream. Then you put your hand in the water and realize no dream would have water that cold.
We headed out on a zodiac to see whales the next day. My first advice on zodiacs is wear your sweater and some warm pants. Between the amazing speed of the boat and water spraying everywhere it gets a bit chilly. We had a few hours of Fin Whale chasing. Up close it's hard to believe how gigantic they are. Part of you can't help but worry they'll flip the boat. There were porpoises jumping around and seals kept popping their heads up out of the ocean like gophers, just looking around. The amazing part is just how large everything in the ocean is. Like with out the limits of the land things seem to keep growing forever. I kept wishing I could jump in with the whales but luckily the sheer frostiness of the water kept me safe in the boat. We didn't get to see Belugas but that just gives us a reason to go back.

It was sooo nice to go with the flow and take in the moment. I haven't had an amazing time like that in a while and despite all the driving it was completely worth it.

Today I'm getting back to the real world. I think it's hard to get back to the real world sometimes because when you come back to reality you have to play by those rules. I think the trick with the real world is keeping present enough to realize that there are times when you can be having more fun then you think possible on a regular day and there are times when you're settling for things that aren't really what you want. So being able to keep a clear head and have the personal strength to make the changes you need in your life can have a huge impact on how the real world is for you. I haven't had a chance to do more then meditate and practice my Santosha for the past few days so I'm looking forward to getting back into it.

It was a beautiful trip now let's see if I can make my everyday that awesome.