Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Crown Chakra- Sahasrara Chakra

I finished my first shift at the hospital on Tuesday and have my second one tonight from 7pm to 7am. The first shift was ok, I was mostly observing. I felt really overwhelmed and a little frustrated at how the conditions for nurses seem a lot lower than the working conditions for the other professions on the floor. I know it's always been like that but it still makes me wish I could change it. I'm definitely going to have to focus on finding my Santosha, contentment, as I reach 3am for my shift. I hope I can stay awake all night.

I'm finally finding time to complete my chakra summery. We've reached the 7th chakra, the Crown (Sahasrara) Chakra which is in the same line as the other chakras which run up the middle of our body. I've heard before that the Crown chakra isn't actually in the body but outside it because it represents our connection with the infinite or the spiritual. It's located on the top of the head near the top back of the skull, right where your hair divides into all directions or where you feel a little bump where bone plates meet. Just like your root chakra grounds you in the real world the crown chakra connects you with the spiritual part of yourself. It's often depicted as a 1000 petalled lotus blossom which is a symbol of how infinite your spiritual self is. People with too much energy in this chakra can often be more intellectual then grounded, while people with not enough energy flow to this area have trouble thinking for themselves, experience materialism and spiritual skepticism. A lot of yoga and meditation work is centered around opening up this chakra so we can connect with the infinite around us.

Here we begin to work on our 7th and final chakra. Close your eyes and sit in a meditative posture. Clear your mind by focusing on your breath and when you're ready focus your attention on the area at the top of your head near the back. The crown chakra has no sound and is often considered to be reached by creating a silent space in the mind, which is the main goal of any meditation. In order to get to that silent space it is sometimes helpful to let the word Om vibrate through your thoughts 3 times and then let the mind fall silent. Breath here for a few minutes as you begin to fill your head with a white glow, still focusing your thoughts on the top of your head (You can actually roll your eyes up with your eyes still closed to look at the area you are focusing on). Continue to keep your focus here as you breathe. Again you can do this for any length of time you find suitable but 3 minutes is a good start. After your time is up let your focus return to your breath and your mind to clear. Start to deepen you breath to bring yourself back into your body. Thank yourself for for taking time to care for your Sahasrara chakra. Namaste!

A chakra meditation can either focus on one chakra or can move through the chakras from the Root to the Crown by linking together the mentioned meditations that have been given. So as you move through focus on the first chakra and it's colour and sound and stay there for a few minutes and then move up to the next. When you've reached the crown chakra cycle back down more quickly only spending a little time on each chakra. It takes some time but it will leave you more balanced and can be fun to try at any rate.

Better start getting ready for my shift. Wish me luck.