Wednesday, July 2, 2008


It's the day after Canada Day and I know every one's at work and probably a little more tired then they'd like to be. Yesterday was a really full day and today feels like one of those days where you don't want to poke your head above the covers, but it was worth it. I had the chance to see Buck 65 perform yesterday and that man puts on a weird but good show. Check him out if you ever get a chance. He's funny and full of talent to say the least.
Today my mind is on technology as I've been trying to decide whether it's all worth it the way we have our lives on our computers (I say tongue in cheek as I check my email and type on my blog). The computers are down at work today so that means no one can get information on their clients. At my small satellite office the phone and fax are down so we can't call anyone. Except we have work cell phones. But my charger is broken and I can't get it charged so now that's dead. And honestly I don't really mind except that tomorrow is going to be crazy if they have everything working again. I guess that's just one of the things you have to get used to with our new technologized world.

When it really comes down to it how much benefit are we getting from all these computers and cell phones and I-pods? I mean I hate to sound old-fashioned but how many of us know our neighbours. I don't like to admit it but I know I've lost a lot of social bravery. It's hard to convince yourself to go talk to new people with out a computer protecting you. So for today I'm going to do two things. 1- I'm going to commit myself to saying hello to a new person everyday and asking how they are doing. And I mean really asking not just asking and walking away. I'll try this practice for two weeks and see how it goes. 2- I'm going to start telling you about the chakras because this issue really reminds me of the root chakra and imbalances we probably have with it. But I'll write more on that tomorrow, first let me explain what chakras are for those that aren't really sure. Obviously some will find this stupid or unbelievable and others will see some connection with themselves. With this, as with anything in yoga, take it if you feel it applies to you otherwise just let it slide.

So Chakras. Well to start the body is full of energy. You already knew that though because movement takes energy and speech takes energy and heating ourselves takes energy and thoughts take energy. We're full of this stuff but unfortunately we can't see it so it's hard to understand. But we have machines that can read different types of energy MRIs and CAT scans but each machine can only read certain energy types and it's hard to really get the full picture. The energy yogis refer to is called Prana or life energy and it's the underlying energy that exist in all living things. As it moves through our bodies it connects all aspects of our existence, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. That means when energy is not getting where it's supposed to go it can cause issues in anyone of these areas. A chakra is an area where there is a lot of energy flowing through. They're kind of like train stations for your prana paths. And these chakras are all over the body but there are 7 main ones which run along the spine and are your main channels through which a ton of your energy is either blocked or allowed to flow. If these channels allow through too much energy it's a bad thing just as much as if they block too much. We have more control over our chakras then we know but becoming aware of them can be challenging considering few of us have ever even considered our chakras' existence. I'll let you know about the Root chakra tomorrow, the first of the seven and I'll explain the connect it has with our disconnection from each other.
Hope that wasn't too mumbo-jumbo. Catcha.