Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Weight of the world

I shouldn't have even started thinking about it. I got my thoughts pointed towards the whole what-to-do-for-work thing and now it's got me worrying and feeling down. I called Alberta last night but the lady only works part time so I'll have to try her again tonight. In the mean time I've been looking at the Ottawa Hospital website and trying to talk myself into sending my resume in. Then I get all this doubt stuff coming up like maybe I won't be any good at hospital work anymore or what if it makes me so busy I have no time to train or teach yoga. Or what if I should really go look for work other places, or what if, what if, what if.... Ya it gets the head all spinning.

I was reading an article in a yoga magazine yesterday that brought up the importance of Savasana, deep relaxation. That's where you lay on your back at the end of a yoga session and let your body totally relax (It doesn't have to be at the end of a yoga session, it could be anytime). The article was talking about how many teachers don't use it, which doesn't surprise me because it can be tedious to just lay still and the human mind tends to reject the idea. On the other hand Savasana is really important for becoming balanced and helping to manage stress, as well as tons of other benefits. That was really drilled into me in yoga teacher training so I always include it, but I never seem to find time to include it in my own practice. When I thought about it I haven't done any deep relaxation in a while, I always just meditate and pretend it's the same thing. So I did it at the end of my yoga session yesterday and it does feel a lot better. It's nice to lay down and not let the body strain or hold anything up. It's nice to let go of the world around me.It's not common in society today to let go of everything and just trust the world around you to stay solid while you let go of the experiences around you. I think a lot of us feel like if we stop paying attention to the world the whole place will fall apart.
I don't have my write up for Savasana on this computer but I'll get it tonight and add it either to this blog or another. We all deserve to just let go sometimes so I'll see if I can get this up for you guys...