Friday, June 6, 2008

Two week review

So my keyboard just turned french on me again, if you notice any weird accents or misplaced punctuation that`s totally not my fault.
I hear I`m going to the mud drags this weekend, whatever those are, the weather seems to be accommodating for the mud part anyways.
So it`s the end of my two weeks Asteya practice, next week I get to start in on Bramacharya and a whole new set of challenges.
My first challenge of listening to people and not stealing from them by assuming I know what they`ll say went pretty decent. I found I noticed a lot more facial expressions and indicators when I wasn`t spending all my time already knowing what they were going to say. It lead to some insight and I learned a few things I didn`t know about those people before.
My second practice of not coveting what other people have was a little trickier. I don`t even notice I`m doing it, but obviously it never brings me happiness to feel myself wanting what others have instead of enjoying what I`ve already got. I think I need to keep working at this one to bring it more to the forefront. I think a lot of the time we watch what other people have to help us decide what we want with our own lives, but it becomes a problem when it makes you discontent with what you`ve achieved already.
My last goal of sitting content with myself instead of always looking for others to distract me was worked through ok. I don`t really have a ton of free nights and when I did have free time I spent it reading a book. I don`t know if that counts as hanging out with myself or ignoring myself. I guess it`s debatable. Maybe next time I`ll go on more walks or write more.
Over all the main lesson I learned with the practice is that I steal from myself most of all by not letting myself try the things I want to achieve and by doubting my own worth. So I feel like I got something out of the two weeks and that`s what matters most.
Have a good weekend Folks!
*Happy Friday Hugs*