Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I've been putting off blogging all day. I don't have any specific point of focus today and I worry about putting out a bland all over the place posting.
It's funny because I've been picking up so many little yoga practices lately that I'm not focused on one big idea today but just a bunch of little ones that keep guiding me back to my path in their own way. On top of that I have little life things on my mind, but again no one huge huge concern. All in all I feel content at the moment, so maybe I'll use this blog just to update you on what I've been up to.
For those who are curious I have not heard from Alberta yet (I know it's getting ridiculous) but am not surprised because of the whole fact that the RCMP have a delay on security checks. Just the same I plan to try calling the Alberta lady tonight because I would like to know if they're still considering me because if they are not I need to make some changes in my life.
I gave my two months notice for my apartment and they wrote back that I wasn't allowed because I signed a one year lease. First I was just surprised they wrote back because I haven't heard hide nor hair of them since I moved in. No one shovelled our snow or has emptied the garbage container or replaced the burnt out lights at the door or hall. Apparently they're quicker to respond when it comes to money. Anyways, it's no big concern to me because the tenants act says I can get out of any lease with two months notice, but since I'm still not sure if I'm leaving I'll sit on this one in case it ends up I'm staying in Ottawa. If that's the case though I'll need a roommate. I think this will be my most daunting task because it's hard to find a good match, but I'll just have to have faith I can figure something out.
On top of that if I'm staying here I want to start teaching yoga. It's been driving me crazy not teaching. I'm tempted to offer free sessions at the climbing gym just because I'm there anyways.
And last of all if I'm staying I might want to start working at the hospital (Well, not want to but make myself), because I really feel like I'm getting out of practice as a nurse and I'm afraid it will stop me from getting the jobs I want later.
So as usual I'm all up in the air, but I'm kinda liking it here. Some days anyways.
So no major yoga thoughts today except stay present. I was thinking that in the shower this morning. It was weird- out of nowhere I thought "You can only giggle in the present..." and then I started giggling. I know, I'm a dork. Must have been too early for deep yoga thoughts.
Love ya alls. Stay cool!