Friday, June 27, 2008

Like you, like you, don't like you, like yo....

I got the job at the Queensway Carleton Hospital! They offered me full time or casual but I want the casual position and I'm switching to casual at my current job so I can work like crazy and then take the last week of the month off for climbing. So that's exciting and also a little nerve racking. I really have no clue what I'm doing in a hospital. Wish me luck.
On the other side of things I'm definitely off balance lately. I know I am because I find myself concerned with what other people think of me and worrying about whether I'm good enough and I'm irritated when I'm driving in the city and impatient with people in general. these are all the bad things that start happening when my personality stops me from just seeing the world as it actually is. That's an interesting human trait, the ability to apply good or bad traits to inanimate objects and people we don't know. Like the guy who cuts you off with his car is bad and the lady who holds the door for you is good. It's so funny to think we stereo-type whole people by their one action. But that's the whole point of finding my balance again, that way I realize that life is neither unfair or fair it just is. You can't stereotype experiences you're having as good or bad because what you're really doing in naming your reaction to those situations around you. Like the guy who cuts you off makes you feel negative and the person who holds your door makes you feel positive. Recognizing that these emotions are inside ourselves instead of projecting them on people gives us the power to control our reactions and not be as volatile to the world with interact with. So my goal is to sit for a few hours this weekend and meditate and do some yoga and when it's all said and done I hope to have balanced out some more so I can have a clear head when I view my life.
Have a Happy Canada Day weekend everyone!