Thursday, June 26, 2008

Infinite Love and Attitude

This morning while I was getting ready I kept thinking of things to blog about, but by the time lunch roles around my brain has gone flat from all the crazy work and I can't remember what I wanted to post on.

My interview went well and I'm pretty sure the lady said if my referrals get back to her she'll let me know as soon as possible. I'd be starting training on the 14th of July so that's exciting and a welcome change.

Otherwise I'm back at my climbing training tonight. I had 3 days off and my body is not very appreciative. It's all stiff and sore. Reminding me how important it is to keep moving.

Lastly I'm reading Infinite Love and Gratitude by Dr. Darren Weissman because the shaman I'm starting training with wants to use information from this book as a stepping stone. I've actually read this book before (convenient), but always come up with the same road block- my own cynicism towards the mystical. This book does seem to ground some of it's information in the scientific but I know it is still what most people would call mumbo-jumbo. And I'm never really sure how to get past that. If I was applying Aparigraha to this I would tell myself I can't grasp to have all the answers right away. Even the medical profession doesn't have all the answers. It loves to make a decision and then go back on what it's said with other studies and there are no set answers for what will work and what won't work in health care. When it comes down to it if it works for you it doesn't matter what all the studies say, that's your truth.
So I'm going to read the book again and keep an open mind that maybe some of it's fooey and maybe some of it's true but I have to give it a chance and keep an open mind because the truth is not found with a closed mind. I'll have to write my book review later and get your opinions on how crazy the ideas may or may not be. It's always good to have a second set of eyes when youre walking into the crazy.