Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A good, strong, non-grasping handshake

I'm going for an interview with the Queensway Carleton Hospital and I'm super, super nervous. I haven't been in the hospital in two years and haven't had to worry about medications or IV pumps or any of that junk in so long and now I have to remember it all and give the right answers back at an interview.
When I graduated I never really wanted to work in a hospital. I'm not big on the bandage affect I feel most hospitals employ and feel like people are pushed out the door so quickly you'll never get to truly help them. That being said most nursing jobs require hospital experience so I know I've already stunted my growth by skipping right to home care.
If I'm lucky enough to get this job the other plus side is I will be able to use some of the stuff I'm supposed to learn from my Shaman when I start training with him. All the information he will be giving me is more in the area of hands on and right now I'm pretty much 100% hands off. So it'll be good to have some situations to use my new knowledge.
So in order to get into the Aparigraha (non-grasping) tools I can use for my job interview I thought I'd underline some ideas I've had to make my interview go better, and maybe someone else can use some of the ideas too (or has some of their own).

Aparigraha for Interviews
-Stay in the present. That way you can hear the questions being asked fully and give your best answer.
- Don't try to give the answers you think the interviewer wants but instead give the interviewer your true answer in it's best possible light. If you lie about who you are you'll only create discourse later on.
- Don't tell yourself you have to get this job. That desperation in your head only creates more stress that makes it harder for you to stay present.
- Don't hold onto mistakes you've made in past interviews or jobs. Instead use the information you learned from these mistake to demonstrate personal growth you have achieved from what you've learned.
- Be positive. It's easy to hold onto all the crazy things that happened on the way to the interview but if you just focus on your breath you will go in with a much clearer head.
- At the end of the interview shake hands with your interviewer and thank them for their time. Behave as an equal so they can see you as an equal.

Ok, those are the best I've got so far. Just remember when you grasp onto something and won't let it go it's weight becomes a part of you and can keep you down. Enjoy what you have but understand that nothing is permanent and all things, thoughts and people are truly free to come and go. Just as you are.