Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Gas Prices, Neglected Health and Fire Breath.

Grey days, taking my climbing away... Oh well...
So as proof of just how lazy us climbers are I have just taken the sandbags out of my truck I was using to weigh down the back tires during the winter. Obviously I've realized fuel economy on a truck is poor to start with, and then with 300 extra pounds in the back it wasn't getting any better, but sometimes it takes a bit of omph to get myself to do something like move 300lbs around.
The whole rising gas prices is an interesting thing. I like seeing all the different changes that occur related to the rising gas prices. I remember when I used to work at the gas station in highschool and prices were in their 50s or something silly cheap like that. People would come cruising in in their huge buicks and built-up trucks and they'd be in everyday cause back then it was affordable to go for a drive at night, just cruise around or road trip, whatever. Now people have started carpooling and buying little hybrid Toyotas and taking the bus. So these are all good changes and when you think about it they're all activities that should have started before the gas hike.
The whole thing reminds me of how so many of us look after their bodies. When you're younger you eat badly, you get little sleep, you drink to excess and you work out only when you feel like it. As you get older you start to feel the reprocushions. You're sore or you get back problems, a bit of a gut... Stuff like that and the worse these side effects to your life style become the more you consider changing your life style. With my job sometimes the people I see don't start making the changes until way after the obvious signs for a need for change have come. So it's a lot like the gas prices, it's only when you feel the noose around your neck start to tighten that you grudgingly admit the time has come, when really you watched the hang man walk your way for years.
I finally had my arm twisted far enough back and removed the sand-bags from my truck (yes I know, it's about time).
So I thought I'd leave you a little yoga excercise that helps you get your energy up and calms the mind so you can make the changes you need to. My yoga teacher Robert said if you do this excercise a 100 times a day it will keep 100 illnesses away. Hard to test, but the rhyme is nice...

Agni Pranayama (Breath of Fire)
1. Sitting comfortably bring your attention to your breath as it goes in and out of the body. Breathing through your nose.
2. Exhale and then inhale half way.
3. Exhale quickly by pulling your belly button in towards your spine. Inhale and let your belly relax. Repeat breathing at a quicker pace then you normally would, about the rate you would breath at during a slow jog.
4. As you breath try to keep your inhales and exhales equal length.
5. Continue for 50 breaths (if you can) and then let your breathing return to normal. If you begin to feel dizzy stop your practice otherwise after breathing normally for a few breaths complete another 50 repititions.
6. Sit for two minutes after you've finished with your eyes closed just feeling your breath in your body.