Friday, June 13, 2008

Do your Oreos have a white creamy centre of happiness?

Happy Friday the 13th! Remember your luck is what you make it... sometimes the bad things that happen seem bad until you realize they set off a chain of events which bring about the things you want or need in life. And also it takes bad stuff happening to make the good stuff noticeable. If things were always awesome we'd lose appreciation for them.

On that note I was listening to Live 88.5 this morning (as always) and they had a psychologist on from Carleton University because Carleton is holding a seminar this Monday specifically around finding joy. Not that I can find anything on it when I zoomed around the web (??? advertise peoples), but I'm sure the radio wouldn't lie to me. So I thought this sounded pretty interesting, I mean people are always looking for happiness right? So the only guy who is actually from Carleton and is presenting at this seminar is this Pritcher (I think that's his name) guy, and he explains that he's a personality psychologist who studies procrastination (insert joke here). And the reason he studies procrastination is because he's done studies that show that success is the main source of happiness in humans and what comes between people and success is procrastinating. So at this point I'm half and half as to whether I think this guy's on the ball. I mean he's got half of it making sense but the other half is kinda convoluted. If success is truly the key to happiness then why are all these rich famous people so unhappy. I mean they got off their butts, climbed the ladder and now they've achieved their success and yet, hmmm, not all of them are happy. But this is the way we're taught to find happiness in our society. The path to happiness we're taught goes like this- Want hot sports car, work your butt off to buy hot sports car, drive around and make people jealous while you're in your new sports car (car breaks down/has horrendous mechanic bills/is bad on gas....). I mean in all truth he's right in a sense. If you want something badly and you go and get it then your brain releases the chemicals that make you happy. Like when you want an Oreo cookie and you go all the way to the grocery store to get a bag of them, then you get out to the car and rip the bag open and pop one in your mouth, you feel happy. But then what? Eat another cookie? Figure out something else you want? Go and get it? Insta-happiness, just add water eh? But it doesn't last. So do you really want to run around chasing 10second happiness spurts the rest of your life?
On the other hand the guy is right about not procrastinating. That will never bring you happiness either, as you well know, because if you are putting something off it bugs you while you're trying to do other stuff. Or at least it bugs you when ever you think about. It's like walking into a kitchen full of dirty dishes, you stop wanting to walk into the kitchen and now you can't make yourself a nutritious dinner cause you don't want to go in the kitchen. So you order pizza and find momentary happiness in that box... You get the idea.
Yoga teaches us that happiness is achieved simple by being happy and living life. The minute you stop saying if I get this or I do this I'll be happy and just realize you're happy right now under all the other things you tell yourself, you will be. But sitting still staring at your dirty dishes won't let you be happy either. So keep working on your life goals and your little goals but don't let them decide whether you are having a good day. You can have happiness with out success and you can have success with out happiness. Or you can have success and you can have happiness. They aren't actually dependent on each other. They're separate entities.
Choose to be happy today, just for today, you can go back to being unhappy tomorrow, but on this lovely Friday the 13th why not??