Monday, June 9, 2008


Wow! That's warm. I woke up and thought I was underwater. I get to work and of course our water cooler is broken and you can't really drink the local water (not if you're afraid of growing extra digits) so instead I find myself hiking it to the nearest store 20 minutes away in the noon sun. How does our weather manage to go from frigid to boiling in 2 weeks? Ok, ok, enough complaints about the weather.

So this week is a new Yama practice Brahmacharya. back when yoga was practices 1000s of years ago this originally meant celibacy which says to me that yoga was first practiced by men. I don't think I'd find the practice of celibacy that challenging. In the old days they said the practice of celibacy cleared the head and helped a person to focus their energy. In today terms we translate Brahmacharya to me self-restraint or moderation. It can apply to all kinds of things like drinking and eating habits or lifestyle habits, pretty much anything that causes damage or problems in your life because you're doing it all the time. And that's not to say if you volunteer all the time or something that you should do less, but if you start getting sick because you take more care of other people then yourself that's when you need to consider Brahmacharya.

So for my practice this week I'm going to bring back a practice I tried last time but I failed at. This time I hope to have more resolve.

For my first practice I am going to work at only checking my email 3 times a day. When I'm bored at work I just keep checking again and again because it's better than doing boring stuff like cleaning out old files, but it looks like I'm going to get those files cleaned out now.

For my second practice I am going to take 1/2hr to clean my house on both Monday and Friday. I know that doesn't seem like much but I keep putting it off and putting it off because I'm never home so I'm going to show some self restraint and clean on those two days. It's getting a little gross with the cat hair and all.

I haven't come up with a thrid practice yet, but I'll keep thinking about it and if something comes to me in the next two weeks I'll add it. And if anyone has suggestions I'll take them.

Keep cool guys.

*Sweaty hugs*