Wednesday, May 21, 2008

You're only crazy if you answer back...

So I'm still waiting for a security check to go through. Patience, patience, patience... A hard thing to learn.
I caught up on my sleep though and am just catching up on all the other stuff that's fallen behind at work. I feel like I'm so out of my own life lately, I have no clue what anyone is up to or even where I'm at. I think it's a good thing too though because I often get myself wrapped up in other people's lives instead of paying attention to what I want to do with my own.
I was noticing that this morning. You know how most people talk to themselves? I talk to everyone else in my head. I find I imagine my conversations with other people all the time and bounce ideas off these people I know. I don't know what they'd really say in such conversations though, I'm just conjuring them in my head. I must think I'm a really poor conversationalist because I never seem to want to talk to me. So enough of that. What's the point of making conversations up with other people when I'm always around to talk to? So if you see me around chatting with myself more now, you'll know why.
I'm starting my climbing training today (hopefully) and looking forward to taking it to the next level.
Sorry I don't have more to say today, so much work to catch up on I'll have to update you tomorrow. I'm thinking I need to do a yoga something soon though. I'm feeling very out of touch with the yoga community. I'm so busy though, I'll have to find a place to fit it in.