Friday, May 9, 2008

What's that body, what're you trying to say? Timmy fell down a well?

This may possibly have been my longest week in quite a while. Next week I'm back in the office and I think it'll actually be a relief. Today I saw a number of different presenters and there was a couple good examples of why you can't believe everything you hear in the medical profession. One doctor informed us that drinking water isn't important and that you should only drink if you're thirsty. Which is funny because I hear sports specialists say you're more likely to be injured if you don't drink enough water. Then another doctor was going on about how we need to get 1000mg of calcium a day but there was an ongoing debate in my nursing school about how eating calcium can be calcium depleting and yada yada, the confusion on what the heck to do for ourselves goes on and on. I think this whole thing flips us upside down on a regular basis. Just when you think you're doing the right thing you find out research says otherwise so you switch and then they change their minds back. And the real question is why're we letting a whole bunch of guys in white lab coats decide how we live our lives. We don't all live in controlled environments with managed variables. Life's throwing a million different possibilities at us at once. Sometimes it's hard to figure out what makes us feel junky. So we watch the news and it tells us we probably have chronic fatigue or something. Here's what I've decided to base my life choices on. Experience. Which feels better for me? And the only reason more people don't use that method of decision making is it takes time to look at yourself and figure out what feels good and what feels bad. No one wants to listen to their bodies. I don't want to either, but it's the only thing that knows how much water I should be drinking.
I had my last shift last night and it actually went really quickly. I think my patient will be happy to have his daughter doing his care again. I think his daughter will have a mental break down soon but that's neither here nor there. I kept wanting to explain to her that you can't give from an empty cup and that she needs to find a space for herself in her life. But I see this all the time and know it's not really that easy because some people will self-sacrifice until their 8 feet under ground. it's a hard problems to get around. Now that i don't have a second job I'll have to figure out what I'm doing to make ends meet. Some changes may be coming, we'll have to see.
And I'm almost finished my two week Ahimsa practice. I did pretty good at not getting angry at other drivers and it definitely improved my mood while I was driving. I'm still working on the sorry thing. The problem is I really don't notice I'm saying it. Maybe I can work it in to my Satya practice for the next two weeks. The smiling at people as I pass was a 50/50 achievement. I had trouble getting over the shyness and when I did smile a lot of people were already avoiding eye contact so they didn't see. That's Ottawa for you. I have a five hour practice this weekend so I'll have to set my new goals and evaluate my old ones a bit more. Hope everyone has fun planned for the weekend. I'll be at Queens of the Stonage on Sunday, it's going to be awesome!