Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The sugar made me do it...

I appears that I am currently trying to eat myself out of house and home. First I tried to eat the conference I was at out of house and home, but they have a bigger budget and that seemed kind of futile so I left and decided to take on the more manageable target of my own house.
I know most people hate to hear other people talk about their weights and their diets but the funny thing is we live in a society where we think about it all the time. And our views of food are so severely skewed. They said in one of the presentations I saw this morning that the greatest number of new smokers are 14 year old girls. And everyone wondered why. Apparently even though it's no longer considered a sexy habit as much as it used to be these girls are doing it to keep weight off. Like holy cow! And yet my knee jerk reaction when I'm eating food is to feel guilty.
The funny thing about eating for me is I know exactly why I do it and it's very rarely because I'm hungry. I'm the worst about looking for food fixes when I'm bored or anxious. So you can imagine me at this all day conference today, watching people teach on things I just learned about two years ago and I've only had a few hours of sleep (Bad night with my client). And of course they have plates of cakes and sandwiches laying around. When my head starts to nod my first thought is food will wake me up. Unfortunately I tested that theory a number of times today and didn't manage to stay awake more than 5 minutes after I stopped chewing. And then I feel cruddy from off the sugar. It's amazing what that stuff will do to your body. It's seriously a poison. And I know no one wants to hear my rant about sugar, but think about it. People with diabetes usually have other complications when there sugars aren't controlled. So that means when there is too much glucose in their blood stream, too often for too long they develop things like blindness, limb rot, kidney failure and a host of other problems. All related to the amount of sugar their body circulates. I mean your body has this whole intricate insulin system developed around getting the sugar in your cells quick. And I know it doesn't really make sense because sugar is energy right, so why would the bodies main energy source be so toxic. But when you think about it you wouldn't put gas anywhere else but in the gas tank for your car. You've seen what it can do to the paint by your gas cap. Sugar's kinda the same thing. Yet here I was pumping myself full of it. Luckily my body is fully functioning and clears it out but you can still get a sugar hang over. And the worst part is then I come home and want more sugar, but the jokes on me cause I don't have any in the house (Unless you count white sugar and I've resisted thus far). So now instead I will eat everything else that won't move (Lucky for the cat).
So that's my bit on diet, I'm planning on bringing a book tomorrow and hopefully keeping myself busy enough not to eat everything in front of me.
If anyone wants some really good food info I always like to check out Dr.Yoni's blog. The link is on the right and he's the authority in Ottawa. Absolute genius.
Anywho, I'm home now and a little more awake. Only two more night shifts to go. And I think I'm running out of food to eat here, I'll have to go to the store....