Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Setting Goals...

(Inspirational climbing photo...) Another beautiful Wednesday, one of those awesome days for climbing outdoors because there's enough of a breeze to blow the black-flies away. I've had climbing on my mind this week because I've decided I'd like to be able to compete at Open level (the highest climbing level) by next year. Thinking back I'm trying to remember if I've ever trained for anything where I wanted to compete... Not really anything I can think of. Which probably explains why I have no clue what I'm doing. I've been asking around for advice and of course you get all different ideas about what's the best way to go about it. I mean climbers have ideas about everything from your diet to your sleep cycle and that's before they even get into how many chin-ups should be done each day.
I know from other things that it's important to set small goals as well as big ones. So I want to be able to campus (climb with no legs on the wall) a easy problem by the end of the week. My big goal is just to climb in Open level at the competition next May.
On another training level I'm still trying to improve my meditation but just keep falling asleep so we're heading down to New York State this weekend to pick up some things that are supposed to help and I think they will. Otherwise I'm going to have to try to get up early enough to meditate before I go to work (shiver), hope it doesn't come to that.