Monday, May 12, 2008


Happy Monday! LOL! Way too much enthusiasm for a Monday.
I had a good weekend and really enjoyed Queens of the Stone Age last night. The neat part was the opening act was even better. It was this guy named
Mugison and his music was absolutely amazing and he had us laughing pretty good too.
So it's been two weeks and it's time to practice Satya which is the second Yama and it's about telling the truth.
I find this yama one of my toughest for two reasons: 1- because I'm not very in touch with what my truth is and 2- because I worry about people knowing the real me.
See it'd be easy to just sum this whole thing up into don't lie to other people but the really hard part is being honest with ourselves.
Not to say being honest with everyone isn't a challange. If your friend asks if you like her outfit and you really think it looks like a tailored garbage bag would you jump at the chance to tell her? (Ok maybe some of you would). One important thing to remember is that Ahimsa, non-harm, comes before this yama so if you can avoid truly hurting a person it's probably better to work around answering the question. Of course saving a person a little pain now may cause them a lot of pain later. So consider that too.
This yama also talks about gossip and not saying things you don't know to be true. In yoga class they liked to say that if people only spoke the truth they'd speak a lot less.
And of course you may ask why to even try this practice. Mostly the benefits seem to be how much easier this makes life. Less stories to keep straight and if you practice long enough you'll find it easier to see your true self. But don't take my word for it, you'd have to try it to see it.
So my three Satya practices for the next 2 weeks are:
1- I'm giving up on reading the celebrity gossip websites and magazines, which I will sadly admit are a vice of mine. I hope you're all laughing right now, but this is seriously going to be a challange for me. At least it'll get some of the junk and useless information out of my head.
2- I'm committing to a full 30 minutes of meditation a day instead of my usual 15 minutes. Clearing my head makes it easier to see what's true for me so I can be honest to myself and the people around me about what I stand for.
3- When asked questions where the answer isn't obvious I plan to take a breath before answering to give myself time to know I'm answering truthfully. This one will be a challange because I'm a quick talker.

So I'll leave you with a quote from my Yoga Mind book- "The truth is rarely convenient." But it goes on to say that when you practice truth you feel a lot more at peace at the end of the day.
Remember baby steps. No one's going to acheive 100% honesty in one shot, it's the little changes that help you move forward.