Thursday, May 1, 2008

If my life were a little kid who decided to run away from home Ignorance would be my treehouse.

So before I get into my bit today let me just say that Adam fixed my truck. He came out and looked at the door and didn't really do anything but when he closed the door the problem was gone, so that's pretty awesome truck juju. Thanks Adam!
On the otherside of things they wanted me to get a hearing test for my Northern nursing position so I went yesterday was told the bones in my left ear are getting stiff (A genetic type thing) and that I'm am losing hearing in that ear and it will only get worse. So they faxed that off to Alberta and hopefully they will get back to me sooner than later to tell me if I can still come up to Alberta to work. Otherwise I'm going to have to figure something else out.
I can't help but notice the irony in the fact that my issue is stiffness in the ear and I'm a yoga instructor. The one area I can't stretch out.
I mean the funny thing is that I knew this already. It's hard not to notice something like that. I mean I can't hear people half as well when I'm sitting in the passanger seat as compared to when I'm driving. And when the noisy neighbours upstairs where bugging me while I was trying to sleep I'd just roll over onto my right ear and the problem was solved. But still there's a certain level of comfort in not knowing you have a problem. I mean it's kinda funny that I've obviously known this on some level for a while but when the guy told me I was just crushed. But why? I already knew. I think all of us hate to feel defective. There's always that fear that if something is wrong with us maybe we're not as good as everyone else. I know I already had those issues so this really was the cherry on top.
It kinda got me thinking about how people would rather pretend then deal with their issues. I could relate it to so many issues the human population has, pollution, health problems, war, I could go on. So many of them are related to the fact that we'd rather not know what the real problem is. And I'm notorious for this! I don't want to know what the problem is cause I don't know if it'll end up being my fault the problem is there or if I'll be stuck fixing it. So I walk around with my eyes closed and nothing gets fixed but at least it's not my problem.
So I don't have a choice about the hearing thing. I know it now, but at least I can work with it and try to find solutions around it.
I think I should probably take this as a lesson in the fact that ignorance is easier but it never fixes anything, so as we close our eyes to the world falling down around us, when it could be saved, we're going to find one day when we chance a peek around there isn't much left to look at but a pile of rubble. So I might as well look around now and see if there isn't something to be done (And I know there's stuff to be done). Maybe you could do the same for me, just start with one thing, if we all work to try towards improving one thing who knows what we'll save. Tune in tomorrow, I have a great quote to start the day.