Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Rewind and Press Play

Home again home again jiggity jig! Hi peoples. I got back yesterday at 4pm and concluded my vacation with a good climb at Coyote. It was a crazy weekend. I didn't sleep much and didn't climb much but watching the national climbing competition was so inspirational and awesome. There are so many strong women out there that I aspire to be. So that's my goal for the next year. I'd like to be good enough to compete in top level climbing.
Now I'm just getting over the left overs of a vacation. Bad eating habits, no sleep, a dropped meditation practice for the past 3 days (It's hard to meditate on 3 hours of sleep) and all the other stuff that gets left in the dust when you mix up your routine.
This is usually the time when people let things fall apart. You get home and have messed stuff up so much you might as well give up on the things you were trying to achieve. It'd be pretty easy for me to decide my meditation practice is too messed up, I failed so I might as well give it up all together. This is what a lot of people do when they're trying to loss weight and they break down and eat horribly one day. Then they decide to throw their good eating habits out the window. Part of it is the guilt of failure and part of it is that sticking to things worth achieving is never easy. I mean if meditation was as easy as watching TV I'd be Super Zen by now.
One of the best lessons I've been given about my personal practices is that messing up is no excuse to quit. Could you imagine if pro athletes quit every time they lost a game? We'd have no more athletes.
The best thing to do when you mess up what you were working at is look at why you messed up, adjust and keep moving forward.
So I read a little on regularity of meditation practice and they say doing your practice at the same time teaches your brain to get into a state of meditation quicker. As well performing it in a regular spot makes it easier. They say before breakfast or bed are the best times, but then the question of what if you're too busy comes up and what I read said it's better to do it for a few minutes then to skip it all together. So I'm going to give it a try and rearrange my practice so that even if it's only for a few moments I try to get it in everyday. It should be easier now that I'm not running around in Edmonton. Time to get back at it...