Friday, May 30, 2008

Hey! Where'd all my cheap excuses go?!

Hey Peoples,
Yes I missed blogging yesterday. Yes I should not shirk on what I promised myself I'm going to do. Yes I could come up with some really good excuses why I didn't write one. No I won't use those excuses. Ok, enough with the self guilt trip. The lesson learned here is late concerts make Jayna so sleepy that brain function is compromised.
So anyone who's been around me lately has probably have noticed that I've got climbing on the brain. It's kinda weird for me, because I've been climbing for the past 6 years and it's never really been a brain imposing thing, but I have friends that can think climbing thought sall the time and I never got that before, but right now I get it. For some reason deciding I want to really do something with my climbing has made a big difference. But not to diverge too far from the yoga path I can completely relate this back to Asteya, the whole not stealing thing. Now maybe I've reworked this concept into something that suits me but I don't think that's all bad because part of learning is making the information you receive relevant to your own situation. So where Asteya is coming into play in my life now is in the area of my own goals and achievements. I would honestly say I haven't achieved a ton in my life, and I know people would disagree because I did well in school, became a nurse and passed my yoga teachers training. But in my mind an achievement is something you have to work really hard for and not to sound full of myself but I didn't consider any of those things super hard work. So when I look back I have to ask myself why I've 'achieved' so little and after thinking about Asteya I know exactly why, because I've always doubted myself. Every time something hard that I wanted came along I'd think "What's the point, I either won't be able to manage it or even if I do it'll be sub-par to anything someone else could create." And then I just wouldn't try. But then I started thinking this week about all the opportunities I steal from myself by doing that because I don't even give myself the opportunity to try. Wow, talk about kicking my own feet out from under myself. So I'm done with it. I mean I've thought about my lack of achievements a million times before, but when I put in it the context of not stealing from myself it makes a whole lot more sense to me. So that's my Asteya practice at work.
Also on the yoga front (because yes I feel like I've been neglecting it lately), I'm working on some sequences I've been making for some clients this weekend (Look at that, sacrificing my Friday night, do we get karmic brownie points or something in this game). I bought a microphone so I can do up MP3 sessions for people (And yes mom I will get yours done, more self imposed guilt... Sorry). And I'm heading down to the States on Sunday to pick up the stuff to help my sleeping meditation problem. I've been told Iosol will fix me right up. And on that note I'm including a link to this new C-51 bill they're working to pass. I don't know what to think of it. I feel like the government website makes it seem like a not so big deal but sites opposing the bill impress on me that this could be a very bad thing. Stay objective and consider both sides for yourself. I'm fence sitting for now until I hear more. Hope my choice isn't made too late.