Friday, May 16, 2008


Ok, so I got the wireless net thing figured out at the hostel. There's enough climbers running around this place that it almost feels like home.
So I stressed my Zen to the max yesterday. I started out with a couple of hours of sleep, then a snaffu at the airport. Then a four hour flight sitting between 2 babies (which were surprisingly well behaved) and a rather ceaseless teenage girls water polo team. Then I had the pleasure of travelling in a car for three hours to Edmonton with someone who refused to stop to get a map, but apparently it was my job to find the airport. Through it all I managed to keep my head pretty positive.
I always find it hard to keep up good habits and attitudes when I go away from home. The first thing to go is always the sleep. I'm in a room with 8 other girls whom I don't know. And coordinating bed times is not an option. So the room light wasn't off until after midnight. And then the time change had me up early. But I did get some sleep and feel a bit better this morning, although still a little strung out.
I think that'll be the challange of the trip, just finding that touch-stone inside myself that feels like home and grounding myself in it everytime I start to feel like I'm twisting in knots. So right now I'm listening to some Mugison and net surfing. And the day is open to possibilities. And I'm blogging you guys! Nice!
Hope everyone is having a good Friday and has some awesome plans for the long weekend. Love to hear about them when I get back. Have fun!