Monday, May 5, 2008

Black-hole Aura's

I'm in conference all this week in Ottawa and I'm trying to decide if that's why I'm so exhausted today or if was something else draining my energy. I dragged my little sister to see Spiral Beach in Ottawa last Friday and their presence on stage was amazing. They were the last band of the night to come on and before they got on the stage Kait and I were wilting pretty bad. The funny thing is that after they got up to perform they had so much energy and presence that it totally gave us more energy to keep going.
I was thinking about it the rest of the weekend, how some people in life just exude this kind of energy and how some people leave you feeling drained every time you hang out with them.
I've been having this discussion with myself for the past couple weeks about whether hanging out with people who leave you feeling worse then before you saw them is worth it. I mean when you have the people in your life that give you a boost every time you see them it seems like an easy question as to whether you should hang out, but when a person leaves you spent when ever you hang out what do you do?
Of course I always like to look at all the angles of this. Do the people that leave me feeling exhausted after their gone have that effect because I invest to much into my time with them? Or is it because they're just so high energy that my energy level isn't enough to keep up with them? Or maybe they just need so much attention from me it takes it out of me. And also am I exhausting to hang out with as well? I often wonder if I have that draining affect on people too and would I want people to stop hanging out with me because I'm too tiring?
So a lot of things to consider. Luckily I'll be done my second job this coming Thursday so maybe I'll have more energy to give out and need less. I don't really know if your personal energy level has an influence on how much energy you give when you're around people. I'd like to be like Spiral Beach and just leave people feeling pumped. Something to work on for sure. Anyways, I'm back in conference tomorrow, hopefully I can find enough energy just to keep my own head up.