Monday, April 14, 2008

Staying Shiny

Second last weekend of teacher training is done. We had an awesome time (it's so sad it's coming to a close) we did partner yoga and fell all over the place and meditated and talked about a very challenging subject, staying fresh as a yoga teacher. This is the one that makes me nervous. See on yoga teacher weekends we're in a group, sitting on the floor talking non-stop yoga or doing poses or mantra for something like 16 hours (Yes, I know that sounds a bit nutty). And then the weekend's over and your just feel, well, blissed out, at peace, shiny... Pretty amazing! And you take that with you into the world for the next two weeks between classes. Slowly the shiny wears off a little cause someone cuts you off in line or the bus is late or you accidentally burn dinner and these aren't reasons to be less at peace, but we're all still learning so to maintain that inner balance is a challenge. So then we go back to class for a recharge, but I worry about my ability to get back to that place of balance once the training stops. It's a bit scary. So I'm planning to set aside a chunk of hours every couple weekends to just focus on my yoga and hopefully get back to that place. Time seems so lacking and I think that's a challenge we all face, but I just have to remember that when I'm balanced things in my life flow a lot easier.
Now I've got my sister coming down for her Birthday next weekend and just the thought of getting to see her makes me even shinier. If only I knew what to get her for a present...