Wednesday, April 30, 2008

If you find topiaries offensive come back tomorrow because this blog is not for you.

I've decided I don't want to send out negative stuff anymore. You know the stuff I'm talking about. When that person that drives you crazy walks by and all these bad thoughts pop into your head (Ok, maybe this is just me). Actually that's not the big problem, I think I'm worse when it comes to complete strangers. Like the lady who held us up at the grocery store for 20 minutes so she could have a price check on a topiary! Who comes to the grocery store for a topiary? Or better yet who buys topiaries??
This whole topic stems back to my truck (always with the road rage issues eh?). The door-ajar light keeps coming on even though the doors are shut. This isn't an uncommon problem with the suicide doors on this model, my sister has the same truck and the same problem. But the real issue is it's getting worse. I started thinking yesterday that it gets me all angsty how the door ajar bell rings about every 5 minutes. And then by the time I get where I'm going I'm slamming the doors half trying to fix the problem half trying to work out the irritation, but it keeps on getting worse. So I was thinking that maybe the more negative thoughts you have in your car the more bad vibrations your sending too it and the more bad stuff happens with it. Now obviously the slamming doesn't help but it started getting worse before I started slamming so I don't think I can completely blame it on that. And of course it may all be coincidence.
But then I started to branch the idea into other areas of my life. What if negative thought patterns create bad energy and make bad stuff happen. This is where everyone says I'm crazy but they've actually done studies in Japan on water crystals (This may only make you think I'm crazier, but in case you're interested: )
where they take water in vials and tape bad words and good words to different vials and then they freeze the water and look at the crystals under a microscope. The water with bad words make incoherent crystal formations, but the good words water-vials make beautiful snowflakes that are intricate and perfect looking. So considering how much water is in the human body why wouldn't negative thoughts have an effect.
And even if it doesn't effect your body and stuff those negative thoughts have to have some impact on the brain pathways your neurons create. So I'm giving it my best attempt of replacing those negative thoughts with ones of compassion. Like maybe that topiary lady had obsessive compulsive disorder and if she doesn't buy a topiary every day she goes into a deep state of depression. Or maybe the guy who tries to hit me with his truck is going blind and can't see my perfectly clean (or not so much) white truck against the backdrop of the road. I do say my truck is winter camouflaged, although there isn't much snow to hide it in lately.
But this is all besides the point because I don't know what these people issues are and I guess that the point is they don't know my problems and I don't know theirs but maybe if I cut everyone else some slack they can cut me some and things will get a little easier.
At this point I just thought I'd throw the word topiary in some more because really how many opportunities do I have to throw it in a sentence. Maybe that's a good thing.